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Zooming for Connection

I propose this is as featured photo on all of our Christmas cards this year. #2020

The celebratory holiday, birthday, special moment photos all look like this now. I'm in an all out love/hate relationship with Zoom. Sometimes I feel proud of us for being innovative, resilient, and making it work, sometimes I'm d-o-n-e, DONE and want to never log in again, sometimes I am just sad and mourn the old days.

My three year old has had to learn more about technology this year than I would have had him learning at this size. When we are on Facetime or zoom, he goes with the flow. Usually when we log off, he asks the same question, ...

"are they really there?"

Depends on what you're asking, babe. It's confusing.

I want to clarify, this not an animated cartoon, yes, they are real.

But are they really here ... with us? No they are not.

They are there, alive and real.

But they are not here, with us in the flesh.

It mysterious and abstract but we are learning that we have a connection that goes deep beyond face to face, in the flesh connection.

The smiles are real.

A familiar voice makes a difference.

Love can be shared in all sorts of ways.

Spirit can't be confined. It can't be put in a box and locked away. It's wild and free and more powerful than any other force in world.

So we get out on of our favorite books, The Invisible String and read it one more time. There is a connection between us. We feel each other when we are not together. We are together in spirit when we are not together in body. We can think of one another and send one another well-wishes from far away. Our love cannot be confined to time and space. We will persist.

Even on zoom. Even on holidays.

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