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My boy is standing right next to me

My boy is standing right next to me. On to the next thing, he darts off. Then a few moments later, I hear him calling out

"momma, I want you!"

You were just by my side, silly. Not two minutes ago you were RIGHT HERE. I didn't move, you ran the other direction, and now you are calling for me?

My response is a little terse. "You know where I am. If you want to be with me, come here." I don't go to him. I ask him to come back to me.

A moment of reflection and I am wondering what that The Perfect Parent says to me when I run off. I run off then wonder why God feels far. It wasn't The Perfect Parent who left me behind. I got distracted. Something shiny caught my eye. But it doesn't take long for me to miss being right by His side. I call out, but God doesn't make me come look for Him. He'll come to me again. He'll follow me wherever I've strayed.

I have this image of God, standing at a closed door knocking. Presenting. Offering. Thank you God, for your patience and willing heart.

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