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Holding the Pieces in Place

Good puzzling requires some serious strategy. When placing pieces, one must always use a secondary hand to hold the already-placed pieces steady so as not to undo one's work. This strategy saves you utter hysterics and violent thrashing. Novice puzzlers are often granted the head start of a frame which stabilizes the entire work.

I like to see faith as a journey of constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing. (Perhaps others see it as more of a lingering at one arrival or another, but life is complicated and there are many layers to uncover.) Deconstructing what you used to know can be so unnerving so we take a hint from our puzzle pros who remind us to dock certain certitudes creating a grounding of what we know for sure. Even a few reliable anchors make a big difference.

There is a good loving God who created me.

God is love.

God calls me to love.

Hold tight to the ones you know deep in your heart, the other pieces of jigsaw can fit in where they will. You know more than you think you know. And then we'll keep puzzling together, day by day.

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