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Gifts Card Stockpile

I have a habit of saving gift cards. I love them so much - I love the feeling of them burning holes in my pocket. It is almost more joy to me than using them up. I have collection of them and I'll pull one out to splurge now and again, but there are also some I've saved for YEARS.

I really see no issue with my gift card usage protocol and am not open to your opinions about it, except for the fact that I waited so long to use a couple the stores are now out of business. So now I have unused money that can never ever be spent at all simply because I wanted to wait. Ok, that's a little dumb. I sort of kind of but not totally regret it, but only with those two specific situations.

Let's not do this with God's love. Let's not sit on it, waiting to cash it in. Let's own it and claim it and starting working with it. Let it in and allow it transform everything from start to finish about your day.

See I'm living with a fixed, scarcity mindset about those gift cards. They don't keep flowing. They run out. Someday I may stop receiving them (especially after this post). Someday I may have none. But God's love should be "used up" and internalized and soaked up with urgency and confidence that more is on the way. God's love never fails. God's love never runs out. We can receive courageously when we trust that unfailing, never-ending, perfect love comes from the very deepest well.

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1 Comment

Ken Hensley
Oct 09, 2019

Anne, can you set up my email to get your blog posts? I tried to use the link Scott sent out, but it looks like I need to have a Facebook acct, which I do not have. You have a gift for words and encouragement. Thanks. Ken

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