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A near side-of-the road mishap

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When the simple act of pumping gas goes awry

I stopped for gas before a road trip. While the gas was pumping I was distracted with cleaning out my car, and throwing away trash. I was surprised how fast it was done, but then it hadn’t been completely empty to begin with. I checked the display to find that 11 gallons had been pumped and $30 charged to my card. Ok, off we go.

Thirty miles down the road I realized my gas gauge hadn’t changed. It didn’t show a full tank. Do gas gauges break? Malfunction? Did I have a full tank and if not, what is going on?

Sometimes we do “self-care” that doesn’t really fill us up. We go for a pedicure that doesn’t actually end up healing our soul in the way we hoped it could. Thirty miles down the road we realize exactly zero real fuel was put in our tank and we have to pull over again to start over.

What TRULY fills you up? Do what works for you! You are worth it.

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